Our philosophy.

Hilbea was created based on 3 principles: the body, the mind and the earth. Everything we create is in respect to and inspired by Them.

The Body: we admire the human body for the way it functions and the way it looks. Not only does it allow us to explore the world, but it is also one of our identity treasures, what makes us unique. That is why our products are designed to celebrate the human body and its magical differences from one another.

The mind: we believe that fashion is about feelings, not only looks. Each Hilbea piece carries an energy sourced from the color it has, the materials it is made of and the craftsman who made them. They have the purpose to empower the person who is wearing it and highlight the very best in her/him. On a deeper level, Hilbea’s pieces are a message of positivity, confidence and self-love, from us to you. But above all, they are a statement of power from you, to the world.

The earth: nature is part of us. When we are more connected to and with it, we are more connected with ourselves. We take it for granted, often ignoring its beauty, it’s gifts and its value, both for physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect it. Having this in mind we produce pieces as sustainable as possible, and with the highest quality materials.


We are 100% committed to work towards being 100% sustainable.

For now, these are the actions we have taken so far:
– We work with certified 100% organic cotton fabrics that are locally produced (Portugal); Organic
cotton not only is a better eco-friendly option, but it is also safer for the health and wellbeing of the
farmers and the consumers.
– Our partner factory recicles all the materials involved in their activity, such as plastic, paper and
left-over textiles and every year notifies the Ministry of Environment about its recycling practices; It is
certified with the SMETA Audit that analyses the organization’s health, safety and environment
measure and ethics and its production process is run by natural gas, not oil.
-The dyeing methodology of our garments meets the Human-Ecological requirements of the
Standard-100 Certification by OEKO-TEX® and the GOTS Certification;
-All the paper used for the boxes and tags is 100% recycled paper, dyed with water-based ecofriendly ink.


While we are extremely proud of designing products that are tangible representations of our values and philosophy, that is just not enough. As a brand, we believe in our power and responsibility in inspiring and building a community who joins our mission to spread love and good values. We will continuously educate, spread awareness and encourage action around topics that are dear to us.

  • High quality of products and content
  • Confidence in ourselves
  • Self-Love to conquer the world
  • Comfort in life and peace of mind
  • Self-awareness to be able to grow
  • Gratitude is what true happiness is all about
  • Inspiration from and to others
  • Compassion towards people, animals and the planet
  • Happinessmay it be the way and not the goal


Confidence comes from within, but it is boosted by the way we present ourselves in the world. Unleash your powers by feeling good about the way you dress and who you are.


Hilbea is a co-creation between us (the team) and our amazing community.Together, we have the mission to make fashion purposeful and to inspire and take action in issues that matter.


Our products provide you with two types of comfort:
Physical comfort – that comes from the warm and soft clothes we produce.
Mental and Emotional Comfort – from knowing what you are wearing is sustainably and ethically produced. Plus, the feeling you get by wearing stylish and empowering pieces.


Our designs were created to be adaptable so you can wear it many times and in different contexts. Besides, fashion should be a conscious investment, clothes are meant to last and be used as much as we can in order to protect our environment. .


Fashion represents your journey through life. The way you dress is a reflection of who you are through time. We want to be part of your change, we want to help you grow. Through our products and message you will be able to become more aware and conscious of yourself, of the impact you have on the planet and in other people’s lives.

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